Product Care Guide

Crown Cot/Bed Canopy

 *All of our crown’s are made of resin and they are very easy to use.
*You can even use them outside, a coat of clear varnish is all that is needed after painting to make these wonderful appliqués weatherproof.

*Also comes with a wire at the bottom for you to hang voile drapes from. You can easily remove this if not needed.

Please note: due to the nature of this item, the crowns may contain small air bubbles.


* Our Prams are sourced from a proprietary named manufacturer that specialises in high quality toys and games.

* All Prams are tested to stringent EN71 standard by Industry Experts and an independent institute.

* Fabrics are manufactured in compliance with the Directive 2005/84/EC and tested by the Trade Supervisory Office.

* It is recommended by the manufacturer that Pram products are suitable from 3 years and adult supervision is recommended at all times.

Table/Chairs and Rocking Chairs

* Our Table and Chairs are sourced from proprietary named manufacturers and here at Chic 2 Chic Boutique we design and create a beautiful & bespoke finished product.

* Lettering and embellishments are attached with extra strong wood glue, but CARE should be taken to avoid excessive knocks.


* All paints used are from reputable UK Paint Suppliers, are water based and are low in Volatile Organic Compounds and suitable for indoor home use.


Safety Testing

All “Legler” products, both those which we have been developed or bought in from other suppliers, are tested three times over by our experts:
1. All our toys & games naturally meet the stringent European requirements of standard EN 71 – we provide a separate conformity declaration for every single product.
2. The tests of our own quality experts here in Germany go considerably further: If something does not meet our specifications that are based on our many years of experience with regard to child-friendly function and safety, it is not included in our range of products.
3. The toys & games are additionally tested by an independent institute.


For us wood is the best material for toys due to its wonderful properties. In addition it is a regenerative and sustainable raw material – our robust toys & games are often passed down for many generations. We use high-quality wood from natural reforestation projects to manufacture our wooden toys.

All paints and varnishes used in the manufacture of our toys & games are all water-based. It goes without saying that softeners are not used.

Fabric & plastics
In addition to our wide range of wooden toys we also sell products made of fabric and plastic. This are manufactured in compliance with the Directive 2005/84/EC “Restrictions on the marketing and use of certain dangerous substances and preparations”. All our products made of fabric and/or plastic are tested by the Trade Supervisory Office for hazardous content and meet all strict regulations. All amendments to this Directive are always incorporated and complied with.

Clothing/Accessories/Dolls/Wall Decor/Hand Made Collection

As most of our items are handmade and it is very important that you take very good care of each and every item. We recommend items are hand washed to prolong their life.

For your little ones safety, please ensure all things, if used in an unintended manner, some items might not be safe e.g. embellishments. Therefore we recommend babies and children under 12 months must not be left unattended at any time.

Baby Roll Top Bath


CLEANING: We advise the use of non abrasive bathroom cleaners. The cleaner must be washed off thoroughly after use and not left on the bath surface for more than 5 minutes.

DO NOT use cream cleaners, cleaners that contain bleach, abrasive cleaning agents or solvent based cleaners. DO NOT scrub or scour.

Using any of the above cleaning products will cause the surface to deteriorate and invalidate the guarantee.

SCRATCHES: The bath should be free from scratches or indents. If fine scratches do occur during the life of the bath, it may be possible to polish these out.



We are sure that you will love your Chic 2 Chic Boutique Product and hope that it will be treasured for many years to come. Should you have any queries then please do contact us at